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It is a very good opportunity to know what is going on the cloud with Oracle.


Install Oracle Jdeveloper 11g on Linux

In this blog, I will explain how to install the latest version of Oracle Jdeveloper
After downloading Jdeveloper from Oracle.com, run the following command:

IPhone 4 and Signal Issue

Apple released IPhone 4 few days ago, However, the metal bands surrounding the sides of the iPhone 4 acts as antennas. So, there is a dropping signal issue which occurs if the user holds the device from low left side. Steve Jobs has responded "Just avoid holding it that way". According to Jobs's response, before buying any mobile, I have to check with its maker how I can grip it.

I was expecting a good response from people who have a good experience in marketing. At least saying something that make new user happy not telling me how to hold the device,

Deploying a BPEL service to Oracle SoA suite 11g

I will try here to expalin how to deploy a BPEL service to Oracle SoA suite 11g,

Install Oracle SOA Suite 11g on Archlinux

To install SOA Suite (, there are some additional software should be already installed in your machine:
* WebLogic Server (10.3.2)
* Repository Creation Utility
* Oracle Database

The installer is run only for a few supported operating systems;
unfortunately, ArchLinux,but we can fake it.

Perform the following commands as 'root'
echo "redhat release 5" > /etc/fake-release
ln -sfn /etc/fake-release /etc/redhat-release

Install Oracle WebLogic Server

To install Oracle Weblogic Server, you should already installed Oracle database and Repository Creation Utility (RCU) 11g.
Then, download the Oracle Weblogic Server from Oracle Web.
Then, execute the following two command to start the instalation
chmod a+x net_oepe111130_wls1032_linux32.bin

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