Dr. Mohammed Alodib

Oracle VM VirtualBox makes life easier

I found it very easy to be used especially for SoA. It makes it easy to build and deployed your projects to the server without any problems regarding to the configuration of the server. So, the benefits that I found are as following:
1- No needs to confiure the Weblogic server and SoA suite.
2- Fast start of the server.
3- No needs to shutdown the server every time you shutdown your machine, but you can save the state of the VBox and close it. This will save you times next time when you start the VBox, as it gets back to the last state of the system. Running the server each time will takes some times, but with this feature we can save this time.
3- You can run your VBox, and you can develop your projects in your machine and deployed them to the server i.e. you do not need to develop your project in the Vbox.
4- Also you can access the server from your browser rather than the browser of the Vbox.

Give it a try. I will try to write another blog to explain to instal and play with this VBox.