Dr. Mohammed Alodib

Deploying a BPEL service to Oracle SoA suite 11g

I will try here to expalin how to deploy a BPEL service to Oracle SoA suite 11g,
Before I start, I will assume that Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g and SOA Suite 11g are already installed in your machine. For more information about how to install them, I refer the reader to:
* WebLogic Server (10.3.2)
* Repository Creation Utility
* Oracle Database
* Oracle SoA Suite

To start, we should run the following:
1- the Database.
2- sh /Oracle/Middleware/wlserver_10.3/server/bin/startNodeManager.sh
3- sh /Oracle/Middleware/user_projects/domains/your-domain/startWebLogic.sh
4- sh /Oracle/Middleware/user_projects/domains/your-domain/bin/startManagedWebLogic.sh soa_server1 http://localhost:7001

You can then run Oracle JDeveloper 11g by running ./Oracle/Middleware/jdeveloper/jdev/bin/jdev

After running the Oracle JDeveloper, we will have this Windows:

In this example I will try to show how to build Hello World Example. First we need to create a new Application by clicking New Application in left hand side of the JDeveloper.

Give you application a name, let say HelloWorld, then click Next.

Select SoA from the list, called Available, in the left side of the Window and add it to the list, called selected, in Right side of the Form. Then, Click Next.

Since we would like to create a BPEL service, select the second option which is Composite with BPEL. Then, Finish. You will get another Form to create the Process.

Give your BPEL process a name, let say HelloWorld. In Template field select Synchronous BPEL process. The diference between Synchronous and Asynchronous BPEL is that executing Synchronous BPEL return a result, while executing Asynchronous BPEL does not return any value. Then, you will have your business process with only ReceiveInput and ReplyOutput activity. From the activities toolbar in Right side of your Window drag Assign activity and drop it between the ReceiveInput and ReplyOutput.

Double click on Assign activity opens Assign Form.

Clicking on the green plus opens a Copy Operation Form. You can here copy assign value from soure to targe directly by selecting the source variable from the list, called From, in the left hand side and the traget variable from the list, called To, in the right hand side.

In addition, you can also do some operations before copying the value. To do so, you can use Expression Builder by selecting Expression from the type List in left hand side under From Section. Then, click the symbol "fx with calculator" in the top.

From Functions list select String Functions. Then, Select Concat command. Concat command is used to combine two string together. So, it requires two inputs. For example:
Contact("Hello ","World") will return "Hello World". Let in our example ask the user to enter his/her name, then the Service will say Hello XXX. XXX will be the value entered by the user. To do so, first click the Concat command. In the expression section: Contact(,) will be added.
It requires two inputs. Then, add Contact('Hello ',). In the second input space, select the input variable form the list below as shown in the Figure. Then click OK.

Click Ok. Your target expression is in the left hand side of the window.
Now, select the source varalble from the right hand side of the Window as shown in the following Figure.

Then, click OK

Now, your copy operation is completed and it is ready to be deployed in the Server.
To deployed this service. click right click in the project name, then Deploy, then the project name.

Now, select which server you will use to deploy the service.
select Deploy to Application Server.

click next, then select Weblogic_server

click next, then if you need to deploy the service to the server many times with different version.
You can change the version number then click next

click next, then select the SoA domain.

click next.

click Finish.
Now go to Server URL: localhost:7001 in my case

Click SoA, then HellowWorld

Click Test:

In the Input Arguments, in Value field, insert Mohammed. Then, you can click Test Web Service.

Now, We will have a response "Hello Mohammed".
This is a simple example to create and a deploy a BPEL service in Oracle 11g.
I hope you enjoy it and you find it useful.